Q: Are my good insured while being moved?

A: Both while being packed and moved your goods are carried at the owners risk, as long as we are meeting our obligations under the Carriage of Goods Act 1979. This means that, whilst we take great care with your goods, we pay no compensation if any accidental loss or damage. Therefore it is very important you consider insuring the work with your insurer; most firms have reasonable transit cover policies available. Your house and contents insurance may cover your goods during removal and we recommend you check your insurance policy.

Q: Do we have to take the goods out of drawers before they are moved?

A: Goods can be left in provided they are strong enough to hold the weight of what's inside. If there is an issue with the unit being too heavy, we can then take the drawers out to make it a suitable weight.

Q: Can we move LPG bottles or petrol?

A: These substances need a Dangerous Goods Certificate, which means movers are prevented from moving these items.

Q: Do we provide cartons?

A: Yes we do, or alternatively, you can purchase cartons at most large storage facilities. A cheaper option is banana boxes, available from supermarkets.

Q: Should I book your services in for the morning or afternoon?

A: If your move is a normal family sized home, this needs to be booked in for a morning in most circumstances. If the move is a unit, ie, retirement unit or similar, these can usually be booked in for an afternoon.

Q: What time is the move charged from and to?

A: Moves are charged from the time we leave our depot to the time to arrive back at the depot, to the nearest 15 minutes upwards.

Q: Is there a minimum amount we charge for a move?

A: No, there is no minimum charge. You pay for whatever time is used.

Q: How much notice do I need to give to book in a job?

A: We are fairly flexible. Under normal circumstances at least a week would be appreciated. One off items can often be done on the day you call.

Q: How many staff do you send?

A: Most of the time, your removal will be carried out by two of our staff. If your removal contains large items (ie, spas or grand pianos), we would recommend using additional staff. We would also recommend using additional staff if access to your house is difficult (ie, lots of steps or stories, or if we are unable to get the truck near your front door).